OrangeOnions - Dog Training Set

* PERFECT FOR 18 INCH DOLLS: This dog training set is perfect for any 18 inch dolls, including some of the most beloved brands on the market like American Girl Doll and Wellie Wishers. * HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The entire doll accessory set has sturdy wood structures and glossy white finish, giving it a timeless style that is built to last. * FUN ACCESSORIES: This set includes fun dog training furniture and accessories such as 5 dogs, 2 hurdles, a dog walk, a teeter totter, and a jumping ring. * CREATIVE PLAYTIME: This dog training set helps kids understand human/animal relationships and aids in developing emotional maturity, empathy, and care for creatures. * EASY ASSEMBLY: Quick and easy-to-follow instructions reduce time from opening the box to playtime!

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