OrangeOnions - Plushible Blankie Bestie 2-in-1 Plush and Blanket Benny the Bunny

A plush bunny that comes stuffed with an ultra-soft double layered baby blanket zipped up inside. The new "Blankie Besties” product line is one of Plushible’s best yet. These collectible plush characters come with an ultra-soft dual-layered micro plush blanket that measures 42 x 32 inches zipped up inside. The body is lightly padded with stuffing so they're soft and huggable with or without the blanket inside. There are several new characters that will be introduced and will be available in the fall just in time for gift-giving this holiday. The characters include Pawley the bear, Benny the Bunny, Owliver the Owl, Farley the Fox, Filip the Frog, Blu-Boo Dog and Pinkie Doodle Dog.

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