SOPHI Prime + Shine + Seal System


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1. PRIME 2. COLOR 3. SHINE 4. SEAL This set is a MUST HAVE with SOPHi nail polish.

Since SOPHi does not contain harsh chemicals, it requires a few extra steps for durability.

When worn according to application instructions, SOPHi will wear like traditional nail polish.

Contents: 0.5 FL. OZ. 2 in 1 Primer + Sealer in one and 0.5 Fl. OZ. Shine Topcoat

Directions: Wash hands with soap and water Apply very thin layer of PRIMER + SEALER for chip resistance. Air Dry. Apply 2-3 thin coats of SOPHi Nail Polish Between polish coats, blow dry polished nails on warm heat/ low blower setting.

With no harsh chemicals, the heat hardens polish for maximum chip resistance. Apply Shine Topcoat for shine & scratch resistance. Repeat blow dryer. Apply Primer + Sealer on top of Topcoat for extended wear. Be sure to cover tips of nails. Repeat blow dryer. *PRIME + SHINE + SEAL System is not needed for use on toe nails.

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