Teal Bowtie, Bowtie with Shark Pattern for Kids


This stylish shark bowtie goes well with our matching Baby Shark Tasty Tie® and Daddy Shark tie or even alone!

The Brother Shark Bowtie can be for toddlers to teens (suggested 2-14 years old). It is a clip-on bowtie, which makes it safe and easy for any child to wear. The material is 100% polyester measuring 4.5" width by 2" length.

The Bowtie, Tasty Tie® and Men's tie make for a great family accessory set and especially cute for family photos. Makes a wonderful Father's Day gift too! Instructions for fastening the bowtie: the shirt collar must be placed between the bow tie fabric and the metal clip (not between the double metal clip). With the clip facing you, place your forefingers on the front of the bow and your thumbs on either side of the metal clip (you will feel the ends of the metal clip under the fabric).Then gently press your thumbs forward to open bow, then place your shirt collar between the bowtie fabric and the metal clip and snap the bowtie closed to properly secure

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