Style Changes with the Season - Summer to Fall Style Ideas

It's time to look at the transition from Summer to Fall as a positive and exciting time of year. Your big and little pumpkins are going back to school! Fall festivals, sports, dance, and other autumnal events are starting to pick back up. This season can fly by as quick as the temperature can change. There's already pumpkin spice-flavored (YUM) everything and you can finally go outside without your hair getting frizzy! Leaves are starting to fall, mum season is almost here and there's that much antici-hated (I mean anticipated) fall foliage. I'm personally a summer gal myself, so the thought of any leaves hitting the ground, not only makes my nose itch but it also makes me long for summer already! The thought of having to cycle back around to all those heavy layers of sweaters and coats isn't fun either. So I like to stretch out our summer wardrobe for as long as possible and just add boots to everything... right?! So here are some ideas, perfect for transitioning your summer wardrobe into fall, ya'll! 

From cozy cardigans and fall flannels to chic dresses, these wardrobe essentials are great to have. They will definitely come in handy until you're ready to whip out next season's attire. So here are some ideas, perfect for transitioning your style from summer to fall, ya'll! 

1. Cardigan

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If there's anything that's an essential summer-to-fall wardrobe piece, it's the old reliable super soft and cozy cardigan. With it's longer length and slightly oversized style it's easy enough to just throw over a cami, tee, or dress. 

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2. Flannel
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A classic button-up shirt — like this slim fit, chic, yellow flannel in one of this season's hottest color can be so versatile. It's a great fall transition piece since it's a fairly lightweight top. You can easily dress it up or down. Layer it with your favorite fall jacket and little black dress or if it's cool outside, just throw it on with a pair of jeans and roll the sleeves up for a more casual look.

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3. Dress
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Hold onto those long, breezy dresses you've been loving all summer! They are great for when the temperature starts to drop — especially when they're paired with your favorite pair of boots and that denim jacket you love. It will be the perfect dress for both summer and fall. 

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