Spa Day Gift Set - Kids Manicure Pedicure Kit

YOUR VERY OWN SPA EXPERIENCE: Plan your next ultimate spa party! Invite your friends or family, and jump into some fun adventures - everything you need to create manicures, pedicures, and relax is right at... your fingertips! Non-toxic and 100% kid-safe. COMPLETE MANICURE AND PEDICURE SALON: Get your glam on with your very own nail polish studio! Create sparkly, colorful, bejeweled manicures and pedicures to suit your mood and style. Do your nails, or throw a party and invite your friends to polish along with you! Includes: 5 vibrant nail polishes (red, purple, pink, white, clear with glitter), nail dryer machine, nail file and buffer, finger rest, toe separators, faux nails, nail stickers, cotton balls, beautiful instruction guide. COMPLETE SPA STUDIO: Have a spa party... No appointment needed! Soak your feet in the water beads inside the inflatable tub while relaxing with an eye mask on. Includes: Inflatable foot spa pool, water beads, slippers, eye mask, storage bag.

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