Vitamasques - STEAMi Self Warming Rose Steam Eye Mask 👀

A self-warming steam eye mask, that heats in 30 seconds. A rose infused self-heating, warm compress steam eye mask to help ease tension and encourage circulation, whilst the rose essence revives the mind. Suitable for all skin types, Plus it’s Vegan & Cruelty-free. Steami endeavours to bring you peace and calm through our vegan, naturally self-heating aromatherapy products. Specially designed for extra comfort and eye protection. How To Use: Remove the mask from pouch and unfold it, place it over your eyes and fasten the loops around your ears. The mask should start heating up within 30 seconds to a comfortable eye bath temperature of 40C Kick back, close your eyes, relax and enjoy up to 20 minutes of Steami time. #warming mask #steam #rose #aromatherapy #self-heating #Easter gift #Spring #Perfect Mother's Day gift #Father's Day #Summer #Christmas stuffer #Holiday #Valentine's Day

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