Vitamasques - Super Green 3 Step Facial

3 STEP FACIAL MASK WITH EXFOLIATING SCRUB, SHEET MASK AND MOISTURISER FOR SALON RESULTS, AT HOME. Step one contains an oxegentating Matcha-clay facial scrub followed by step 2 our Super-Green sheet mask and the final step is an Anti-oxidant Seaweed Moisturiser for a full detox and hydrating combination. Match-Clay Facial Scrub Once opened it immediately begins bubbling once exposed to the oxygen in the air, made with Green Tea, Kale, Spinach and Natural Plant Cellulose beads. This gently scrubs the skin for a cleansing result. Super Green Sheet Mask Natural, biodegradable sheet mask, infused with Green Tea, Kale, Spinach, Brocolli, Tea Tree and Charcoal Powder. Antioxidant Seaweed Moisturiser Lightweight anti-oxidant and hydrating moisturiser made with 7 types of seaweed extract. #perfect Valentines Day gift #Exfoliator #Moisturizer #Korean face sheet mask #Easter gift #Spring #Perfect Mother's Day gift #Father's Day #Summer #Christmas stuffer #Holiday #Valentine's Day

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